UPS Full Form | What Is The Full Form Of UPS?

Everyone knows the importance of computer and that is why the full form of UPS is also known. Still, if you do not know what is its full name and what it means, then definitely read this post.

In this post, we are going to give you information related to computer, apart from that we are also going to tell that UPA is an important lesson in many wards of computer and without it the computer may have to face a lot of difficulties.

Let us know what is the meaning of UPS and what is its full form?

UPS Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of UPS?

What Is The Full Form Of UPS?

The full form of UPS is “Uninterruptible Power Supply”.

Its full name is Uninterrupted Power Supply. It runs on a battery which is used to supply electricity in the absence of the main source or when the supply is disconnected.

It can keep a computer running for a few minutes which can give you enough time to save all your data so that you don't lose it.

Many types of power suppliers now also work with software that automatically protects your data and shuts down the computer.

Battery size is also an important factor in the selection of power system.

Running the computer without it can be harmful. When the computer is used directly for business, the power may go off at any time and in this situation the hard disk of the computer may get damaged.

Stand By Power 

It is also called offline and line-interactive power supply. When the power is cut, it turns on the battery in a few milliseconds. This supply is mostly used in shops for computer or office supplies.

Online UPS

Provides uninterrupted power supply online from the inverter. Let us know what is the difference between online and offline.

It has two drawbacks, the first is that it is more expensive than stand-by and the second is that it has a cooling fan which produces a lot of noise.


I hope that you liked the information given by us and you must have understood what is its full form? What is its full name and what is its meaning?

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