SLA Full Form | What Is The Full Form Of SLA?

Have you ever heard of SLA? If you do not know about it, then through this post we will tell you what is the full name of SLA (SLA Full Form).

Apart from this, here we will also give you information about what is the full name of this word and what is its meaning.

SLA Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of SLA?

What is The Full Form Of SLA?

The full form of SLA is “Service Level Agreement”.

This document describes the quality and performance of the service as well as what the service provider promises to the customer.

It addresses many areas related to service performance such as Customer Support, Guarantee and Warranty, Performance Display, Criteria etc.

For example, these are included in the agreements signed between Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and customers. This is also known as an operating level agreement (OLA).

The most common component of this is to provide services to the customer as agreed in the contract. The responsibility of providing a representative to resolve issues with the service provider in this regard will be on the customer.

The responsibility of meeting the service levels defined by the SLA rests with the service provider.

The reason behind preparing this agreement in simple language is so that the customer does not face any problem in understanding it clearly. It is generally used in Internet Service Providers, Telecom Companies and IT Service Providers.

Types Of SLA

ITIL defines three types of SLA like: –

Service-Based SLA

In this, a standard SLA applies to all customers to contract the same service. It proves to be very useful when our company provides various types of services with different resolution, response and time.

For example the request – type of event – type of services, premium or standard services and any other differences between services etc.

Customer-Based SLA

It is applied to all services contracted by a customer, a group of customers or the same business sector.

Multilevel SLA

This also applies at the corporate level for connecting customers and SLA service, as well as for all users within an organization. Integrating multiple situations into a single system is possible only when it avoids duplication and inefficiencies between multiple agreements.

Contact-Based SLA

This service is useful because it provides different treatment to a customer that we want to capture, retain or pay special attention to.

Other Full Forms of SLA

Full Form Category
Service Level Agreement Business/Technology
School Library Association Education
Scottish Legal Aid Legal
Second Language Acquisition Linguistics
Special Libraries Association Library Science
Satellite Launch Vehicle Space/Technology
Slovenian Language Academy Linguistics
Society for American Music Music
Safety, Liquidity, and Adequacy Finance
Service Level Assurance Business/Technology


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