PhD Full Form | What is the Full Form of PhD?

The full form of PhD is “Doctor of Philosophy” which is abbreviated as PhD or Ph.D. Do you know what is the full form of PHD? Perhaps you may have also heard that PhD is a high level course.

Many people are not medical doctors but have Doctor written in front of their name, these are the only people who have obtained the PhD degree. If you want to do PhD or have heard about PhD, then you would also want to know what is PhD, what is the full form of PhD, how to do PhD and how to prepare for it.

PhD is a very respectable degree, after completing which you have many career options. If you want to get the post of professor in any university then it is necessary for you to have a PhD. However, doing PhD is not an easy task.

For this you have to prepare in advance and it requires hard work and intensive study. If you want detailed information in a particular subject then doing PhD in that subject is the best option for you. Then without any delay let us know PhD Full Form.

PhD Full Form | What is the Full Form of PhD?

What is a PhD?

PhD is a higher degree course. After completing PhD, the word Doctor comes before the name, which is a matter of great pride. It is necessary to have a master's degree for a PhD course. Suppose you have done PhD, then you will be considered an expert in the subject in which you have done PhD.

In most countries PhD is considered the highest degree. At present, it is mandatory to have PhD degree for the post of professor or researcher in any university.

This is a doctoral degree. The PhD degree holder gets complete knowledge of the concerned subject and becomes mature in that subject. After doing PhD, if you want, you can become a researcher or analyst.

Full form of PHD

The full form of PhD is “Doctor of Philosophy” which is abbreviated as PhD or Ph.D. It is also called DPhil. PhD is also known as doctoral degree.

What are the qualifications required for PhD?

To do PhD, it is necessary to have a master's degree, that is, to do PhD, it is also mandatory to do post graduation after graduation. It is necessary to have 55% marks in graduation. However, the qualifying marks vary across universities.

How much does it cost to do PhD?

PhD fees vary according to universities. Fees in government universities are much lower than private universities. You can find out the fees by visiting the website of the concerned university or you can contact the university to find out.

How much salary do you get after doing PhD?

After doing PhD, the salary can be around Rs 6,00,000 to Rs 12,00,000 per year. Salary depends on which subject you have done PhD. A PhD is the highest level of degree a student can obtain in education.

What are the subjects in PhD

PhD degree includes innumerable subjects, you can get this degree on different topics under the same subject. You can choose the subject of your interest and choice. This is the list of major subjects in which you can take the degree of Doctor.

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Agriculture
  • History
  • Home Science
  • Fine arts
  • Surgery
  • Geography
  • Biology
  • Accounting
  • Chemistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Political Science
  • Economics

How to do PhD?

If you want to do PhD, then here we are telling you the method step by step so that you will not have to face any difficulties in future.

1. Pass 12th class

You have to choose the subject in class 12th related to which you want to do PhD and keep in mind that you have interest in that subject because to do PhD you will have to study that subject for a long time.

Study 12th well and your effort should be to pass 12th class with minimum 70 percent marks.

2. Pass graduation

After passing 12th class, you will have to choose a related subject in graduation also. You try to pass graduation with 60 percent marks.

You have to do graduation diligently because if you prepare well beforehand, your base will be strong and you will not have to face much problems in the future.

3. Pass Post Graduation

After graduation, you have to pass master's degree i.e. post graduation. You will have to score minimum 55 percent marks in this because the eligibility for PhD is 55 percent.

You will have to study well in post-graduation because if you do not meet the qualifications for a PhD, you will be left out.

4. Qualify UGC NET Exam

After post graduation, you will have to apply for and pass the UGC NET exam. You can apply for UGC NET exam only if you have minimum 55 percent marks in your post graduation.

UGC is a national eligibility test conducted twice a year and qualifying it is mandatory for PhD entrance examination. You can participate in the PhD entrance exam only after qualifying the UGC NET exam. If you have been working hard for PhD since the beginning then you will pass this exam in one go.

5. Pass the PhD Entrance Exam

All universities conduct PhD entrance examination at their own level with their own rules. You can go to the university from which you want to do PhD, get information about it and apply.

The marks you have to score to pass will depend on the university you have applied to. If you pass the PhD entrance exam with good marks then you will get admission in that university to do PhD.

How to Prepare for PhD?

If you want to do PhD then it would be better if you decide this before reaching 11th and do PhD from the subject in which you are interested and after choosing the same subject in 11th also, you have to do 11th and 12th. After this, study the same subject in graduation and post graduation also.

It will take you about 8 to 9 years to complete from 11th to post graduation. Whenever you get time in between your studies, try to acquire more information about your subject. If possible, collect the question papers of UGC NET exam of last 3 to 4 years and study from them.

Nowadays, there are many e-books and PDFs available on the internet with the help of which you can prepare well. If you are not able to do all this on your own then initially you can take coaching.

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