NDA Full Form | What is the Full Form of NDA?

If you are interested in politics or have you ever noticed that you often hear and see the word NDA in news channels and newspapers, apart from this you will also see NDA in the list of important examinations. This is because NDA. There are two important full forms, today we will learn about them and also what is the importance of NDA in the political field and what is the importance of NDA in the field of education and also we will get important information about both of them:

NDA Full Form | What is the Full Form of NDA?

What is the Full Form of NDA?

First Full Form:

The first full form of NDA is “National Democratic Alliance”.

Second Full Form:

The second full form of NDA is “National Defense Academy”.

Let us first know about the National Democratic Alliance:

1. What is NDA (National Democratic Alliance)?

National Democratic Alliance is a group of various political parties in India in which many parties come together to form a coalition government. In this, various regional parties come together to form an alliance that can contest elections at the national level.

2. Which is the largest political party in NDA?

Bharatiya Janata Party

3. In which year was NDA established?

In the year 1998.

4. Who founded NDA?

Bharatiya Janata Party.

5. How many political parties were included in NDA at the time of its establishment ?

13 political parties.

6. After the establishment of NDA, who was the first Prime Minister of India to come from this alliance?

Atal Bihari Vajpayee

7. After the establishment of NDA, how long did the first government formed under it last?

From the year 1998 to 2004.

8. Who is the President of NDA?

NDA is not a structural body of any kind nor does it have a direct president. The presidents of all the parties involved in it can join or leave this alliance as per their wish. Still, if we talk about the president, then the Indian The President of the Janata Party, which is the largest party in this alliance, is generally considered the President of the NDA. Apart from this, a coordinator is made in the NDA who works to maintain this alliance by talking to the presidents of all the parties.

9. After the formation of NDA, the first government was formed in just one year due to withdrawal of support by which political party?

By All India Anna Munnetra Kazhagam

10. What is the fixed number of political parties in NDA?

There is no fixed number of political parties in NDA, it keeps increasing and decreasing according to time and circumstances.

Let us now know about the National Defense Academy:

1. What is National Defense Academy?

The National Defense Academy is an academy set up to provide simultaneous training to candidates for the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force.

2. When was the National Defense Academy established?

On 7 December 1954

3. In which state of India is the National Defense Academy located?

In Maharashtra

4. Who conducts the selection test for the National Defense Academy?

By Union Public Service Commission

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