MIA Full Form | What is the Full Form of MIA?

What is the Full Form of MIA?

The Full Form of MIA is “Missing in Action”.

Missing in action (MIA) is a classification given to combatants, military chaplains, medics, and prisoners of war who are considered missing in action during wartime or an armistice. They could have been killed, wounded, captured, executed or deserted. If they died, this means that neither their remains nor the grave were found.

MIA Full Form | What is the Full Form of MIA?


Until about 1912, most countries around the world did not issue identification tags to military personnel. As a result, if someone was killed in battle and their body was not found until much later, there was often little or no chance of identifying the remains unless the person had items on them that would help identify them, or if their clothing or items were not marked with identifying information. Beginning around the time of World War I, countries began issuing specially made identification tags to their military personnel. They were usually made of light metal such as aluminum.

However, in the case of the British Army, the material chosen was compressed fiber, which was not very durable. Although wearing identification tags proved to be very useful, the problem remained that the bodies could be completely destroyed. In addition, the combat situation itself can increase the likelihood of missing in action, for example, a jungle war, being on a submarine, or an airplane crash in a remote mountainous area, or at sea.

Finally, since the military had little incentive to keep detailed records of enemy dead, bodies were often buried (sometimes with identifying marks) in temporary graves, the location of which was often lost. As a result, the remains of missing persons may not be found for many years, if not ever. When the remains of missing military personnel are found and cannot be identified after a thorough forensic examination, they are buried with a headstone indicating their unknown status.

Other Full Forms of MIA

Abbreviation Full Form Category
MIA Missing In Action Military/Defense
MIA Miami International Airport Aviation/Transport
MIA Masters in International Affairs Education
MIA Multilateral Investment Agency Finance/Economics
MIA Myocardial Infarction Medical/Healthcare
MIA Mentally Ill Offender Assessment Legal/Criminal Justice
MIA Mortgage Insurance Agreement Finance/Real Estate
MIA Market Information and Analysis Business/Marketing
MIA Mekorot Israel Water Company Utilities/Water
MIA Metropolitan Intelligence Agency Government/Intelligence
MIA Master of Industrial Administration Education/Business
MIA Maldives Islamic Bank Finance/Banking
MIA Made In Abyss Entertainment/Anime
MIA Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research Education/Research
MIA Musée d'Orsay Arts/Museum
MIA Monosodium Iodoacetate Chemistry
MIA Miami International Art Fair Arts/Culture
MIA Maryland Institute for the Arts Education/Arts
MIA Medical Image Analysis Medical/Technology
MIA Motor Industry Association Automotive/Industry

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