IAS Full Form | What is IAS? What is the Full Form of IAS?

Full form of IAS - What is IAS?

IAS is one of the most prestigious services of the government. To get recruited in IAS, one has to pass the UPSC Exam held every year. Basic idea about this service, one should know the full form of IAS. The full form of IAS is Indian Administrative Services.

UPSC conducts various recruitment examinations on an annual basis. One of the list is IAS exam. Although it is beyond belief that many people might not know about this exam or even the full form of IAS, however, it is always advisable to learn again about this All India Exam. There may be some facts about this exam, which you can learn from this article, which will further help you in preparing for IAS Exam.

IAS Full Form | What is IAS? What is the Full Form of IAS?

Full form of IAS and more information about IAS
IAS full form Indian Administrative Services
What is IAS salary? It ranges from Rs 56100 (Basic Pay) for Under Secretary/Assistant Secretary to Rs 250000 (Basic Pay) for Cabinet Secretary.

What is IAS qualification? Minimum UPSC Age Limit for General Category is 21.
Minimum education qualification is Bachelor's degree from a Government recognized university/institution
What work does an IAS officer do? IAS officers are the backbone of the Indian bureaucracy.
What is IAS exam? IAS Exam is an all India level examination. It is a part of Civil Services Examination.

What is IAS?

IAS is one of the three All India Services in the country along with IPS and IFoS. The full meaning of IAS is Indian Administrative Service.

IAS Exam Information

Before a candidate sets out on the journey of IAS preparation, it is advised to check the relevant important exam information:

What is the age limit for IAS exam?

Candidates in the age group of 21 to 32 years can appear for UPSC Civil Services Examination.

What is the fee to be paid for IAS exam application?

There is an IAS Exam Fee which has to be paid during the application process. However, there are relaxations for some categories. Know about the same in the linked article.

Is there enough study material available for IAS exam preparation?

A candidate will have a plethora of sources of information to study, corresponding to the different topics asked in the exam.

How many attempts does an OBC candidate get in the exam?

After the relaxation given in maximum attempts, a candidate who belongs to the OBC category gets three additional attempts to appear for the examination.

How many attempts does a SC candidate get in the exam?

A Scheduled Caste candidate gets unlimited attempts in the IAS exam.

How many attempts does a normal candidate get in the exam?

A candidate from general category gets 6 attempts.

How many questions should one attempt to pass UPSC Mains Exam?

The idea is to attempt all the questions in a time-based manner, as every single mark is important to get listed in the final merit list.

What to do if you fail in the interview stage?

The examination is conducted annually. If a person fails in any one step he is back to square one.

Coaching For IAS Exam

One of the categories of candidates looks forward to expert training so that they leave no stone unturned in cracking the IAS exam. To the rescue, comes IAS Coaching , which is often helpful to the candidates. Both coaching centers and online coaching can be availed depending on interest and availability.

How to become an IAS officer?

Since IAS officers are a part of the All India Services, they serve the Government of India as well as the state cadre, depending on their deputation. During the British era, it was known as the Indian/Imperial Civil Service (ICS). After independence, ICS was changed to IAS (short form of Indian Administrative Service).

The minimum educational qualification required to become an IAS officer is graduation from a recognized university.

  • Direct Recruitment – The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) of India is tasked with the recruitment of IAS officers along with IPS, IRS and other major Group A (and some Group B) services. UPSC recruits All India Services and Central Services officers through the prestigious Civil Services Exam.
  • Promotion from State Civil Services

Functions of IAS officers:

IAS – Indian Administrative Service officers hold key positions in the administrative machinery of the Government of India. They are the bureaucratic backbone of the parliamentary system of government.

Read about the life of an IAS officer here.

IAS officers can be a part of district administration, state secretariat and central secretariat. The highest ranking IAS officer in India is the Cabinet Secretary.

  • They oversee law and order, and general administration
  • Collector, District Magistrate, Chief Development Officer, Executive Magistrate, District Development Commissioner are some of the major posts held by IAS officers.
  • They may also be appointed to manage public sector undertakings (PSUs).
  • IAS officers handle the day-to-day affairs of the government
  • Indian Administrative Service officers are involved in policy formulation and policy implementation
  • IAS officers are often tasked with overseeing public funds management.

Questions Related to IAS Full Form

Q1: What is the full form of IAS?

The full form of IAS is Indian Administrative Service.

Q2: What are the powers of an IAS officer?

An Indian Administrative Service officer may be part of the state cadre or even center deputation. At the state level, the district administrative machinery is under the control of an IAS officer in the initial years of his career. With time and good performance, IAS officers can represent India abroad, head PSUs and become cabinet secretaries.

Q3: What is the full form of IPS?

The full form of IPS is Indian Police Service.

Q4: Which rank is best for IAS?

Every candidate must aspire to top the Indian Administrative Services Examination. Rank between 1-50 should be desirable for general category candidates. However, the last all India rank to get the last all India rank for IAS, IPS, IFS varies annually; Candidates should focus on being in the top 50.

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