EAD Full Form | What is the Full Form of EAD?

Hello friends, today we will give you information about full forms of EAD in this article. In this article we will tell you about different categories and full forms of EAD. So let's know the full forms of EAD:

EAD Full Form | What is the Full Form of EAD?

What is the Full Form of EAD?

The full form of EAD is “Employment Authorization Document”.

What is EAD?

A Form I-766 Employment Authorization Document or EAD card, known popularly as a work permit, is a document issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that provides temporary employment authorization to noncitizens in the United States.

Currently the Form I-766 Employment Authorization Document is issued in the form of a standard credit card-size plastic card enhanced with multiple security features. The card contains some basic information about the immigrant: name, birth date, sex, immigrant category, country of birth, photo, immigrant registration number (also called "A-number"), card number, restrictive terms and conditions, and dates of validity. This document, however, should not be confused with the green card.

Other Full Forms of EAD

Acronyms Full Forms
EAD Employment Authorization Document
EAD Event-Driven
EAD External Advisory Board
EAD Emergency Airworthiness Directive
EAD Educational Assistance Grant
EAD European Association of Dermatology
EAD Environmental Assessment Document
EAD Enterprise Application Development
EAD Enhanced Accessible Design
EAD Economic and Agricultural Development
EAD Electro-Acoustic Design
EAD Endangered Animal Database
EAD Executive Advisory Committee
EAD Electronic Arts Division
EAD Exercise-Associated Dyspnea
EAD Enhanced Audio Decoder
EAD Experimental Aircraft Display
EAD Electrical Activity Device
EAD Expressive Arts Disorder
EAD Elderly and Disabled
EAD Engineering Analysis and Design
EAD Exotic Animal Dentistry
EAD Estimation and Analysis of Dynamic Systems
EAD Environmental Assessment and Documentation
EAD Epidemiology and Disease
EAD Event Aftermath Database
EAD Enterprise Architecture Diagram
EAD European Association of Directors
EAD Educational Assistance for the Disabled
EAD Enhanced Authentication Device
EAD Endoscopic-Assisted Dissection
EAD Engineering Application Development
EAD Electronic Article Delivery
EAD Environmental Analysis Division
EAD Enhanced Audio Description
EAD Electric Aircraft Development
EAD Exercise-Associated Deaths
EAD Education and Development
EAD Excessive Alcohol Drinking
EAD Employee Assistance Division
EAD External Affairs Department
EAD Embedded Application Development
EAD Environmental Awareness Day
EAD Electro-Acoustic Design
EAD Emergency Aid Distribution
EAD Equity and Diversity
EAD European Association of Dermatopathology
EAD Earth and Atmospheric Dynamics
EAD Enterprise Architecture Definition
EAD Educational Assistance for Dependents

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