DNA Full Form | What is the full form of DNA?

DNA Full Form: You must have heard the name of DNA at some point or the other, but do you know what is the full form of DNA? If you don't know then it doesn't matter because today we are going to give you complete information about DNA.

If you are a student then you must have heard names like DNA and DNA Test in biology books or in any movies or news. You must be aware that all living organisms have DNA. And it keeps getting transferred from one generation to the next.

Today we will tell you through this article What is DNA? What is the full form of DNA? We are going to give all types of information related to how many types of DNA are there, importance of DNA, its functions etc. Please stay in this article till the end.

DNA Full Form | What is the full form of DNA?

What is DNA?

The chromosomes found in living cells that define the structure or properties of that organism are called DNA i.e. Deoxyribonucleic Acid. DNA is shaped like a spiral staircase and is found in the chromosomes of all living cells. With the help of DNA, one can trace the lineage of anyone in one's family.

DNA was discovered in the year 1953 by two scientists James and Francis Crick. For which he was also honored with the Nobel Prize in the year 1962. The generic code of all organisms is present in DNA. It is found in all living beings on earth like humans, trees, plants, bacteria, germs, animals etc. 

Let us tell you that DNA is found in almost every cell in the human body except red blood cells. Every human being receives 23 pairs of DNA from his or her parents, one from each pair from the mother and one from the father. That is, the DNA of any person is made up of the DNA of his parents. This is the reason why their children also have similar qualities and habits. 

What is the full form of DNA?

The full form of DNA is “Deoxyribonucleic Acid”. DNA never dies, it keeps getting transferred from one generation to the next. Perhaps you may not know that every day about 1000 to 10 lakh DNAs are created and destroyed in our body.

DNA is a molecule made up of four types of nucleotides like adenine, guanine, thymine, cytosine. Which are linked by a phosphate molecule. You can see the full form of DNA in Hindi and English below. 

DNA Full Form in English

  • D – Deoxyribo
  • N – Nucleic
  • A – Acid

DNA Full Form in Hindi

  • D – डीऑक्सीराइबो
  • N – न्यूक्लिक
  • A – एसिड

By now you know what is DNA and what is the full form of DNA? Information about this must have been received. But now we are going to give you how many types of DNA are there and also some other information related to DNA. Please read further.

How many types of DNA are there?

As we told you above, every day about 1000 to 1000000 pieces of DNA are created and destroyed in the human body. Now let us tell you that there are three types of DNA, information about which is given below –

  • A-DNA: This is a DNA that is coiled on the right side. A DNA protectant ensures the protection of DNA in adverse conditions.
  • B-DNA: This DNA is also coiled on the right side. Type B DNA is a normal DNA.
  • Z-DNA: This DNA was discovered by Andres Wang and Alexander Rich. Z-DNA is opposite to other DNA, i.e. to the left, it is helical.

What is the importance of DNA?

After the discovery of DNA, many different practical methods were done by scientists which revealed many new things. DNA has the greatest importance in the medical field. Apart from this, in the present times its importance has increased a lot in the field of agriculture, forensic investigation, legal investigation etc. DNA has also proved to be very helpful in solving many cases in the field of crimes.

The child contains the genes of the parents, so the parents of the child can be found out through DNA test. DNA is transferred from one generation to another and on this basis, through DNA testing, it can be found out what hair color, eye color will be there in your coming generation and also what diseases will occur in the next generation. It is possible that this can also be detected.

What are the functions of DNA?

  • The most important function of DNA is to transmit genetic information from one generation to the next.
  • It indirectly regulates all the selection activities of the cell.
  • DNA finger printing
  • Inheritance
  • Copying


In today's article, we have tried to provide you what is the full form of DNA and all types of important information related to DNA. Hope you have got complete information about what is DNA and DNA.

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Some Questions and Answers (FAQs) related to DNA

Question 1. What is the full name of DNA?

Answer. The full name of DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid.

Question 2. When was DNA discovered?

Answer. DNA was discovered by two scientists James Watson and Francis Crick in 1953.

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