CV Full Form : What is the full form of CV?

CV Full Form is “Curriculum Vitae”. It is a Latin word meaning “way of life”. This is an important document that may run into several pages. It is also called biodata. CV is an overview of a person's educational and work experience and other experiences.

CV Full Form : What is the full form of CV?

CV Full Form : What is CV?

A professionally designed CV plays an important role in getting you a job. CV, also known as a 'curriculum vitae', gives others an insight into your professional and educational journey. A typical CV mainly includes work experience, awards, scholarships, skills, education and hobbies.

A CV is simple, and does not change the order and placement of achievements. CV does not come with page limits. This can be a two-page document or a ten-page document. The length of a CV is based on a person's experience and is not modified according to the job description or objective.

Keep these things in mind while writing your CV 

While writing CV, keep some things in mind like –

  • CV does not need to include photograph, salary background, references and reason for leaving previous job.
  • Such information can be given separately if asked.
  • In some Commonwealth countries (Ireland and the UK) a CV consists of no more than two pages.
  • It includes details of the job seeker's work history, educational records and some personal details. 

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