B.Tech Full Form | What is the Full Form of B.Tech?

B.Tech Full Form: Every student dreams that after completing 12th, he should do such a course so that he can easily get a job in the future. And in today's time, when students talk about good courses for job after 12th, then most of the students prefer to do B. Tech course.

If you have also completed 12th and want to do this course, then it becomes very important for you to have basic knowledge about B.Tech course like what is B.tech? It is very important to have information about (What Is B. Tech) and B. Tech Full Form. Because if you have basic knowledge about the course you choose for your future career, then it will be very easy for you to do this course. So let us know about the information related to B.tech (Bachelor of Technology) course –

B.Tech Full Form | What is the Full Form of B.Tech?

B.Tech Full Form

The full form of B. Tech is “Bachelor Of Technology”.

What is B.Tech?

B.Tech is an engineering course. B. Tech is a 4 year course, this 4 year course is divided according to semesters. This means that every year students have 2 semesters in which different examinations are conducted. In every semester, students are made to study 5 to 6 subjects.

Any student can do B.tech Bachelor of Technology course after passing 12th with Science. There are many universities and colleges available to do this course. From where students can study this course by selecting the branch according to their career (interest).

What is the full name of B.Tech? – B.Tech Full Form

The full form of B Tech is “Bachelor of Technology”. Which students can do after passing 12th. It has become the most popular course for students today. What is the full form of B.Tech? What is it called ? The student does not know about this. Therefore, below we have told about both the Hindi and English full forms of B.Tech.

Branch of B.Tech

B. Tech (Bachlor Of Technology) course is divided into Cook branches according to the skill of the student. Meaning, after completing 12th, students can complete their studies by selecting the branch of this course as per their interest. You can see the list of branches here –

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Computer Engineer
  • Eletronics Engineer

Eligibility For B.Tech

If you want to become an engineer and want to do B.Tech course, then to do this course you must have the following eligibility –

  • Must have passed 12th.
  • You should have 60% marks in 12th, only then you can take admission for this course.
  • 12th student must have passed Maths subject.

How to do B.Tech course?

If you have the above mentioned eligibility, then you can do this course. For B.Tech course, there are many private and government universities and colleges across India where you can enroll for this course.

You get direct admission to do B.Tech course. If you want to select a good college for this course, then you can do this course by clearing entrance exams like UPSE.

What are the fees for B.Tech course?

The fees for B.Tech course completely depends on the college, because the fees of every college, university are different for B.Tech course. If we talk basically, the fees for this course range from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.50 in private colleges. If we talk about government college then one has to pay a fee of Rs 70 to 80 thousand.

Jobs after B.Tech

If we talk about job after doing this course, then let us tell you that every year big companies come to the college where you are doing B.Tech course. Which gives you job based on your skills. You can easily get a job by passing the interview in these companies.

How much salary after B.Tech?

Talking about salary, after doing this course you easily get Rs 25 to 30 per month initially from the company. This salary is increased later.


Due to increasing technology, today B.Tech has become the best course for students. In this 4-year course, students are made to study technical subjects based on technology. If you also want to know about new technology, then this can prove to be a very good course for you.

What are the other B.Tech? Today we have told you in detail about B.tech Full Form in this article. I hope that the information given to you would have been useful.

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