AM & PM Full Form | What is the Full Form of AM and PM?

You must be using a watch to see the time, but in today's digital clock, AM and PM create confusion among many people. This question arises in the minds of people that what is AM and what is PM. Although not knowing their meaning is not a big deal, but to increase general knowledge, you should know their meaning so that if someone asks you their meaning, you can tell him without any hesitation.

Let us tell you that the clock is one of the earliest inventions of mankind, that is, the clock was invented long ago, however, before this, to know the time, the position of the Sun was seen during the day, while to know the time at night, the Moon and The position of the stars was observed.

In ancient times, sun clock was made considering the Sun as the basis to know the time. After this, gradually many devices were made to know the time, although now we have digital watches with which we can find out the time at any time, but people often get confused due to AM and PM present in them.

So let's know the full form of AM and PM. Although AM and PM are not used in analog watches, but in digital watches we are able to find out day and night through AM and PM. In this article you will find AM and PM . Ka Matlab is being explained which will clear all your doubts regarding this subject.

What do AM and PM mean?

AM (Before Noon)

The full form of AM is Ante Meridiem. You must have never heard this word before because it is not an English word. It is a Latin word whose English meaning is Before Noon. It is called the time of morning. You will always see AM on your watch from midnight i.e. 12 o'clock in the night till 12 o'clock in the day i.e. noon.

PM (after noon)

The full form of PM is Post Meridiem. You may have never heard this word before because this word is also taken from Latin language. Its English meaning is After Noon. That is, it is the time of evening. You can see PM in your watch from 12 noon to 12 midnight.

What is the difference between AM and PM?

AM and PM have a lot of contribution in any clock, through this we can know the situation of day and night. Actually, AM and PM are opposite positions of each other, which is their biggest difference.

AM is often used to define day while PM is used to define night. Also AM starts the day while PM starts the night.

The clock we see today took thousands of years to develop. When the human mind began to evolve, it started finding ways to make its life easier. To know the time, it took the position of the Sun and the stars. Started taking help but invention is the mother of necessity.

There was difficulty in calculating time from the Sun and the stars, hence there was a need for such a device which could determine the correct time and from here the invention of the clock began which lasted for thousands of years and today we have such a clock. Which tells the correct time without any error.

Why are AM and PM used?

In today's clock, 12 and 12 are used to make 24 hours, but in the ancient times of Egypt, people used 1 to 24 hours, meaning at that time there was no time of 12-12 hours, but there were many problems regarding time. Had to face.

After this, the idea of changing the time to 12-12 hours came in the mind of many researchers so that day and night could be understood better, in such a situation people started counting the time as 12-12 hours.

Now in this also it was necessary to know whether the 12 hours we are talking about are of day or night, hence to show the difference between them, Meridiem started being used. Along with this, Ante and Post were also added to it so that it can differentiate between day and night. Night time can be recognized.

Many people might be wondering why any other words were not used instead of AM and PM. Actually, when the clock was being redesigned, at that time there were no modern languages like English, French, German, Spanish etc. Latin language was used in most places.

AM and PM which are short forms of Ante Meridiem and Post Meridiem, these words are from Latin language. Latin language is one of the oldest languages in the world and from this language, languages like French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and Portuguese were born.


Now you must have known what is the meaning of AM and PM. We all know that there is day and night in time, hence 24 hours are divided into two parts, AM which means forenoon i.e. before noon and PM. Which means it happens after noon.

In this article, you would have got rid of the confusion between AM and PM and also would have come to know about their meanings. If you liked this article then please share it.

FAQs – Meaning of AM and PM

Q: What is AM called in Hindi?

AM (Ante Meridiem) is a Latin word which is called Purvaahan (पूर्वाह्न) in Hindi, it means time before noon.

Q: From what time to what time is AM?

AM is the time from 12 o'clock in the night to 12 o'clock in the day, in which it is the time before noon.

Q: What does PM mean?

The full form of PM is Post Meridiem, which is called Aparahan (अपराह्न) in Hindi, it means time after noon.

Q: From what time to what time is PM?

The time after noon is known as PM and it consists of the time from 12 noon to 12 midnight.

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