PS Full Form | What is the full form of PS?

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PS Full Form | What is the full form of PS?

What is the PS Full Form:

The full form of PS is “Post Script”.

P  — Post

S  — Script

Postscript may be a single line or paragraph added after the signature.

There are many reasons for adding a post script, such as expressing an idea or providing additional information.

By now, after reading the information given above, you must have come to know that the full form of PS is “Post Script”.

Postscript Meaning

Postscript means “Appendix Part”, let us now know from where the word Postscript is taken. Friends, for your information, let us tell you that the word Postscript is taken from the Latin word “Post Scriptum”. Post Scriptum means “written later” language.

What is Postscript?

When we write something and forget to write any important thing there, then in this situation we can write that thing at the end, this method is called “Postscript”. 

When we forget to write something in a post, that thing can be written by writing postscript. 

Postscript can be of one line, one paragraph or more than one paragraph. 

Any incomplete thing can be completed through Postscript.

PS word use? (Use of PS Word)

When the writer forgets to write something while writing a letter or a message, then the word PS is used there. 

When something needs to be added to a letter or message, further details can be added after writing PS. The word PS is being used in letters since a long time.

Use of PS on Social Media:

Now-a-days, the word PS is also being used by people on various types of social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram etc.

When something is left out while posting on social networking sites or while chatting, people complete the post by writing the word PS and adding that thing.

Other full forms of PS:

Friends, there are many more full forms of PS, some of which are mentioned below. 

  • Packet Switch 
  • Paint Shop
  • Socialist Party
  • Parallel Sessions
  • Socialist Party 
  • Path Separator
  • Performance Space
  • Performance Standards
  • Per Second
  • Personal Safety
  • Personal Skills
  • Phase Space
  • Physical Status
  • Physical Strength
  • Picture Sleeve
  • Point Source
  • Police surgeant
  • Polity Society
  • Power Save
  • Power Solutions
  • Power Supply
  • Pre School
  • Primary School
  • Print Server
  • Professional Service
  • Program Stream
  • Program Start
  • Public Service
  • Public School etc.

Apart from all these, there are many other full forms of PS.

FAQ for PS Full Form:

Q: What is PS Full Form in Medical?

In the medical field, the full form of PS is “Performance Status”. 

Q: What is PS Full Form in Slang?

The full form of PS in this field is “Post-Scriptum”.

Q: What is PS Full Form in Chemistry?

In the field of Chemistry, the full form of PS is “Positronium”.

Q: What is PS Full Form in Messages?

The full form of PS in messages is “Postscript”.

Q: What is PS Full Form in Automobile?

The full form of PS in this field is “PferdStarke”.

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