What is OCI Full Form? Full Form of OCI

What is OCI Full Form?

Hello Friends! Today's word in the full form is OCI. People living abroad will definitely know about this. But the people of India do not know much about it. That is why we have decided to tell about OCI in today's post. In today's post we will know What is OCI. OCI Full Form Who can get OCI? Benefits of OCI Worth noting, etc.

What is OCI Full Form? Full Form of OCI

What is OCI full form? Full Form of OCI

Friends, before proceeding further, you should know that OCI full form is “Overseas Citizenship of India”.

What is OCI?

OCI card is a special facility for Indian people who have acquired citizenship of foreign countries and settled there. People living abroad have two citizenships, but according to Indian law, if an Indian citizen takes citizenship of a foreign country and settles there, then he has to give up his citizenship from India.

For such people, who have to take a visa to come to India after leaving India, hence for such people, the Government of India had operated the PIO card in 2003. This card works like a visa, which can be issued for a period of up to 10 years. Was issued for.

After this, the government has announced to give OCI card in Hyderabad in 2006 on the occasion of Pravasi Bharatiya Divas. Earlier importance was given to PIO cards but now it has been announced that the provisions of PIO card will be abolished and OCI card will be used.

Who can get OCI?

A person who has ever been associated with India, such as his parents were citizens of India before 1935.

And Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bhutan, China, Iran, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh are some of the countries where people of Indian origin cannot get this service.

Benefits of OCI Card

OCI card provides the facility to live, work and do all types of financial transactions in India for life. OCI card holder can come to India without visa and it is valid for life.

Things to note for OCI card holders. OCI Card Restrictions:

Through the Indian Home Ministry website, OCI card holders are provided all the facilities like Indian citizens, but there are some things which they are prohibited from doing like-

  • Cannot contest elections.
  • Cannot hold any government or constitutional post.
  • Cannot buy agricultural land
  • Cannot vote.

People coming from abroad had to do police station registration after 90 days but now they have got this exemption through OCI card.


Friends, in today's post we have shared with you important information about another word related to citizenship. In today's post we have told you what is OCI. OCI Full Form | Full Form of OCI Who can get OCI ? Benefits of OCI Worth noting, etc.

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