CVS Full Form | What is the full form of CVS?

Welcome to our guide on "CVS Test Full Form." In this article, we will explore the Chorionic Villus Sampling test and its significance in prenatal care.

CVS Full Form | What is the full form of CVS?

What is the full form of CVS?

"CVS Full Form" is Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS), a key prenatal test for early genetic issue detection. It's vital for expectant parents.

During pregnancy, women have to undergo many types of medical tests. One of these is the chorionic villus sampling (CVS) test. CVS is a prenatal testing method, in which a sample (of cells) is taken from the placenta using a special technique. This method is used to determine whether the baby is at risk for chromosomal abnormalities or genetic defects.

When is chorionic villus sampling test done?

The most ideal time to do this test is the 11th or 14th week of the first trimester of pregnancy. During this time, the growth of the child becomes clearly visible and the placenta also becomes defined, making the test safer. It is not advisable to do CVS test before 11 weeks of pregnancy because doing so may cause defects in the organs of the fetus. In some special cases, CVS testing or placenta biopsy is done in the later stages of pregnancy. By doing tests during this period, it becomes easier to find out about genetic conditions in the baby.

How is CVS test done?

Chorionic villus sampling test is recommended for pregnant women whose child is at high risk of having a chromosomal or genetic defect. In this test, cells are extracted from the placenta and tested on them. The placenta connects mother and baby, it is a channel filled with blood, through which essential nutrients and oxygen are transferred. Cells from both the fetus and the mother are present in the placenta.

What is the process of CVS test?

In the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus itself divides into two parts. One part of the fetus becomes the placenta and the other becomes the baby. The placenta develops into several parts, called chorionic villi. These chorionic villi make their way into the walls of the womb, close to the mother's blood vessels. These villi formed from the embryo also contain similar DNA. CVS testing can also be done by Vili due to the same DNA as the embryo.

In these situations, there is a risk of the child having hereditary health problems-

Hereditary health problems can be found in the child in the following conditions:

  • If there is any family history of hereditary health problems or abnormalities.
  • The placenta connects mother and baby, it is a channel filled with blood, through which essential nutrients and oxygen are transferred. Cells from both the fetus and the mother are present in the placenta.

What to do if you get results like 'Baby is at risk'?

If the test results declare that the baby has genetic or chromosomal abnormalities, your doctor will tell you what the results mean for you and your baby. In some cases, your doctor will help you decide whether you want to continue the pregnancy or not. In such a situation, professional counselors will also be made available to you to give you the right advice.

Getting a chorionic villus sampling test done is always the right decision for a pregnant woman. Through this test, parents are able to know the genetic condition of their child and prepare themselves for the future circumstances. This is very important for the safety of the child and peace of mind of the parents.

Other Full Forms of CVS

Here are 50 full forms of "CVS" with categories:

Computer Science and Technology:

1. CVS - Concurrent Versions System

2. CVS - Central Versioning System

3. CVS - Code Versioning System

4. CVS - Content Versioning System

5. CVS - Configuration Versioning System

Healthcare and Medicine:

6. CVS - Cardiovascular System

7. CVS - Chorionic Villus Sampling

8. CVS - Chronic Venous Insufficiency

9. CVS - Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome

10. CVS - Consumer Value Stores (referring to CVS Pharmacy)

Business and Finance:

11. CVS - Customer Value Strategy

12. CVS - Cash Value Surrender

13. CVS - Cost, Volume, and Profit

14. CVS - Corporate Valuation Services

15. CVS - Customer Verification System

Military and Defense:

16. CVS - Combat Vehicle System

17. CVS - Common Video Set

18. CVS - Counter-Visual Surveillance

19. CVS - Combat Vehicle Simulation

20. CVS - Command Verification System


21. CVS - Curriculum Vitae Service

22. CVS - College of Veterinary Science

23. CVS - Center for Vision Sciences

24. CVS - College of Visual and Performing Arts

25. CVS - Curriculum and Vocational Stream


26. CVS - Commercial Vehicle Safety

27. CVS - Customer Vehicle Solution

28. CVS - Conveyor Vibration System

29. CVS - Cargo Verification System

30. CVS - Cruise Vehicle Service

Environmental Science:

31. CVS - Climate Variability and Predictability

32. CVS - Contaminated Vacant Sites

33. CVS - Carbon Verification System

34. CVS - Crop Varietal Survey

35. CVS - Coastal Vulnerability Survey

Retail and Sales:

36. CVS - Customer Value Statement

37. CVS - Consumer Voice and Satisfaction

38. CVS - Convenience Store

39. CVS - Checkout Verification System

40. CVS - Customized Video Solutions

Entertainment and Media:

41. CVS - Computer Video System

42. CVS - Cinema Viewing System

43. CVS - Cable Video Service

44. CVS - Celebrity Video Series

45. CVS - Content Verification Software

Legal and Law Enforcement:

46. CVS - Criminal Verification System

47. CVS - Crime Victim Services

48. CVS - Courtroom Video System

49. CVS - Civil Verification Service

50. CVS - Customs and Visa Services

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