Wednesday, January 15, 2020

ATK full form , atk ka pura naam - full forms pro

ATK full form, what is ATM stand for in hindi ?

Atk full form , what is full form of atk
ATK full form

ATK - Atlético de Kolkata .

Also known as - Amar tomar kolkata (meaning in hindi - मै तुम्हारा कोलकाता हूं)

ATK क्या है in hindi ?

ATK is an indian professional football club based in Kolkata , Best Bengal . it plays in ISL under license from the AIFF ( all india football federation) .

Atk founded on 7may 2014 .

Chairman of ATK - Sanjeev Goenka .

यह ISL (Indian super league) का
 दो बार बिजेता रह चुका है ।

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