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Full form of cod in hindi - full forms pro

What is full form of cod in hindi - cod ka pura naam kya hai ?

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COD full form

Hello friends ,

                        Welcome once again on our blog . I am fine and hope you also be fine . Today I am talking to you about COD . what is cod ? Cod is a Short form which is used in online market .

Hence COD has many full forms . we can say  that cod has a lot meanings . but today we will discuss about online shopping based cod -"Full form of cod in hindi" ? , let's learn with us ...

Cod full form in hindi - COD का पुरा नाम क्या हेता है ?

COD - cash on delivery 

"कैश ऑन डिलिवरी"

Must have read once ;
Cash on delivery means - डिलिवरी पर पैसा । cash on delivery is a good option in online shopping . if you are a new person and you never go to online shop (website) and you have no idea to shopping .

Just take a example ; suppose that i am a consumer . I want to buy a mobile phone and now I shell go to best online shopping website like amazon and flipcart . And now I shell campare the product offers and price . after that I shell select the best website . Now this is time to check payment options . 


There are two options are available . 
1. Cash on delivery
2. Online payment through wallets and bank . 

If you don't want to online payment just go with COD option . 

In cod you will pay the product price at the time on delivery. COD is the best option according to me because there are not any problem of frauds . you can see the product before payment . 

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