Friday, September 13, 2019

Full form of TET ? - full forms pro

What is TET , full form of TET ?

What is TET , full form of TET , TET full form , what is the full form of tet , tet full meaning , TET  .


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Today we will discussing about TET . full form of TET and what is TET . So keep learn with us ...

Full form of  tet ?

TET - Teacher Eligibility Test

What is TET ?

Tet (teacher Eligibility test ) is the minimum qualification in india to compete govt. teacher jobs . TET is mandatory for a student that select teaching line and want a govt. job.

After btc, b.ed, you can sit in the TET exam . this exam is state leval exam. And now you have to qualify super TET after TET exam to be a govt. Teacher .

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